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Coky Sram Lvl 129 Nox
Chasesfog Foggernaut Lvl 95 Nox
Muucious Enutrof Lvl 74 Nox
Kyco Rogue Lvl 69 Nox
Kyxel Xelor Lvl 68 Nox

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To mapleshifter: what were you getting at with those screenies? The second set. I don't see any kama sellers.
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I reported two botters a few weeks ago. To my surprise, Ankama responded rather quickly, however they told me my screenshot of me trying to chat with them (no response, obviously), and then asking them to join my group (again no response), then them disconnecting exactly 30 minutes later wasn't enough. I was told to get a video of them within a week or they would close the ticket as resolved. A video? Of what? The botters and me just standing there? I did have my time stamp in the chat window...