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Hazeorious Iop Lvl 162 Remington
Shaq'Ghan Quills Sacrier Lvl 161 Remington
The Archivist Feca Lvl 137 Remington
Lortnoc Sadida Lvl 99 Remington
Tallarn Rogue Lvl 7 Remington

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As of title. I was looking into the fire branch for the free respec that came out of the scalded changes and I noticed that the description of the spell Punishment did not state any longer that it deals extra damage if the target has a higher % of HP. This, however, happens if the Sacrier happens to crit on Punishment (in fact, the description under "Critical Hit" states this).
Did they really made it this way without even saying anything? Or is it a bug/bad description?
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For those who have not read the new changelog concerning the upcoming patch on January 20th, here it is Click here

Now, taking a look at Scalded, I feel it was once again screwed up. When you think something can't be worse, Scalded says "Hello there! Don't forget about me!"

The new new new mechanic implies two fundamental changes: 1) it applies at the beginning of the Flaming character's turn instead of applying at the beginning of the opponent's turn (which implies no more shield-bypassing damage...
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So, I can't log into the Beta Server since December being it on perma-connecting screen. I made this thread to see if anyone knows anything about the real stats on Xelorium Present equipment. They might just as well be the same as the ones reported on the website, but it turned out that some of the Xelorium Past items were completely different and I'm looking for some reliable source.

Thank you for your time