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I guess I'm not alone with this: If I tray to move an Items that is not exchangable yet, I cannot do this by clicking the Item. I have to "transfer all visible Items" for example, to get stuff in my haven bag, my bank-account or even my dragoturky inventory. I'm in possession of 10 Sidekicks, and moving them along with some non-exchangable Items and then moving them back is a real hassle.

The thing is, this problem only occurs one-way, when putting stuff in somewhere. Taking stuff out of...
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I'm kind of a horder when it comes to "special items", like for example the Librarian Amulet. As such Items are linked to the character (not the account, but the character), they can only stay in your inventory. This is a bit annoying, as you can only destroy these items to get them out off your inventory.

There would be several options here. First, just really bind them to the character and make them moveable. I would love to put these things in my bank-account or haven bag, and I don't...
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In the Equipment Balancing Thread the following lines were stated:

"Equipment recipes (excluding trophies and shields) up to level 100 have been simplified and harmonized. Our goal is to offer low- and mid-level recipes that are faster to craft.
In parallel, this change will simplify profession progression for low-level and mid-level equipment crafting."

Taking the midlvl sets (like for example Kitsou), this is by far not simplified. Kitsou was something like some Kitsou hair and skin to craft,...