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Hey guys

I could use some direction on what to do. I have completed the quest : Miracle Cure and want to begin the sculpted misery quest. The wiki says that after I complete Miracle Cure that the npc Scam Jaxon will start the quest sculpted misery for me, however he does not offer me a quest. I have completed all prerequisite (spelling) quests so I know that is not the issue. Can someone tell me what to do since wiki is either wrong (very probable) or if this is a bug I need to report?

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Hi guys, so earlier I decided to work on the vigilante quests. I get "Welcome to the Eighth Grade" my iop gets "Welcome to Sixth Grade" - I have to fight Yech'ti while keeping the recruite alive on a small map and the recruite has ai of sacrier. Trying to keep him away on every turn is proving to be difficult. My iop got namarrow and was a cake walk , mean while this 199 iop gets mister penguin , another cake walk. My cra gets .......that bounty from Tears cant think of the name lol Im thinking...
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I am from the server Aermine, I can not even spell it properly , that is how sad this server is At least for the English community. Really all I am hoping for out of Rosal is a active guild that likes to do dungeons/hunts etc. I am 197 Rogue + 176 Cra , that will be looking for a guild as soon as I transfer. The time is getting closer to where I will be able to and I would like to see if there are any guilds that fit this discription and are accepting more members. Also 187 Xelor , 100...