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It's good to be back on dofus! I forgot about everything about this game! lol. I can't even remember my account info for my 167 eni.. =( But here I am starting all over again! It would be nice to have a bit of friends to help me back on my feet or someone to just talk to! I'm level 48 atm. Feel free to add me!
By MsTwiggles - 2013-09-25 04:08:37 in Eniripsa
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I'm a level 37 int based eni and I'm wondering what's a good set I could use? Should I go with a high int gobball set? or should I just wait for a bit for a different kind of set? As of now I'm wearing an adventure set lol. I'd like to have a set where I could solo aswell.

Does anyone have gobball set for sale? How much would something like this cost?

Thanks in advance =)