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I lost 20 lvls of farming and 2 fishing. lol Sadness. =_=
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I haven't read everything (i.e. new calculation for reduction of damage etc I just scanned and jumped and dl test server lol) but I've tried the beta... and from what I've seen, I have 900+ int in beta and I reduce damage for 108 :S in the real server, I have 700+ int (being that I put points in wis too) and I reduce damage around 157. sooooooo farrrrrr, I'm not liking this version 1.27 at all lol. I see myself dying in pvp [1vs1] every damn time because I'm forced to be "efficient" and just efficient...
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hahahaha! funny how that happened X3 I love piwis o.o and i usually wear my pink piwi hat sitting at bank or wherever. I was on nohart, leora, and dezire, zaap-sitting and piwi-wearing, when my friend came and wore his piwi sets.. and before we know it there goes the army lol.