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By MrMizu - 2014-06-04 09:33:31 in Cra
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Things to know..

1.) Designed for PvM ONLY. If it works in PvP though...kudos to you
2.) Set NOT influenced by: exomages and/or expensive dofus.
3.) Meant for levels 198/199, BUT some pieces can be interchanged for lower levels & suffice.
4.) Preview of set here ---> Click here

Borealis Set
Sinuous Amulet
Awmigawd Ring
Thermal Cloak (Replace w/ Rough Lee Robe (182) if level too low and/or expensive)
Sepulchral Sceptre ```Can be replaced with Crimson Claw (145) or Peccary...
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Just wanted some suggestions/feedback on a few sets I made on Dofusbook. I think they're nice for their level but what do you guys think?

Click here

You can see the other sets by clicking Stuff 1,2 or 3 at the top. You should see it but if not, let me know.
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Very simple feature. Basically, the bestiary shows what monsters you have already count in relation to "The Eternal Harvest" quest by putting some sort of symbol next to the monster's picture. Very similar to a pokemon concept except it shows when you encounter them in the wild.