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By MrMasoN - 2018-06-09 19:01:02 in General Discussion
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Is there any option to log between 2 steam accounts ?

@dewit ?
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in past 24 hours i played maybe 10 matches, everyone is just playing Cra/Iop with boowolf. Nothing can stop this combo with full moon +boowolfes+goulard +perceheart
Tried everything against it, mass silence in enripsa, mass dmg in xelor, mass removal on sram. Nothing works against it.
So i will stop playin till it will be fixed, and suggest everyone do the same thing
By MrMasoN - 2017-10-12 02:11:12 in General Discussion
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Hey Devs
Can u tell me how i can play on my steam acc, on android krosmaga ?
i'm playing from the start on steam acc, but now i dowanloaded krosmaga on phone, but cant log in into my account. 
Is there any solution or on mobile it can only be connected with ankama acc ?