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By MrLuckyduck - 2013-12-20 06:32:06 in Suggestion Box
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Please allow the option to reset a single stat to either 100 or 0. I'm tired of being frustrated to know that I can't temporarily upgrade a single characteristic while I collect cash/scrolls while I change elemental builds knowing that I will lose my other scrolls in other characteristics if I choose to do so.

Right now, I have a Cha/agility character that I want to change to Cha/Intel Rather than do this instantly, If I reset to 100's, I have to wait until I collect scrolls for intel before I...
By MrLuckyduck - 2012-12-10 21:55:54 in Suggestion Box
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When you look at fields like axes, shovels, and wands, there are some huge gaps in useful weapons. Most characters go for dagger builds, or a staff/hammer build for every single class. This is a very glaring statement on the quality of axes, shovels, and wands. Bows are even more depressing.

Can we please work on this for the next patch cycle so that there are more attractive axes, bows, wands and shovels to use for the classes that actually need to use them.
By MrLuckyduck - 2012-11-12 01:33:58 in Sadida
8 2013
I've seen a few threads about hybrid build Sadidas, but none on pure Intel/vit.

Here's my basic plan:

300 intel
500 vit
Chance scrolled
1/2 crits

healer set
pure combat set

Healer set is for group fighting where dolls get spammed, Wild grasses get's used with 1/2 crits and possibly for kolo with class ring for no LOS at 150 Ring also improves Ultrapowerful Cooldown.Soothing bramble obviously would heal huge. Sylvan and dolls would add nicely to the healer abilities. In each case, none...