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Character name: Astaria
Date and time: 03/12/2021 - 09:23 (server time)
Map: Plantdala zone and dungeon
Server: Grandapan
Bug description: I'm experiencing frequent freezing/crashing of the game during fights in Pantdala. Requires a full restart. It seems to happen most frequently during fights with Damadrya and Deathblossoms. It seems to occur during their spell animations as the crashing is not happening in Creature mode.
Reproducibility process: Do fights with these monsters in Plantdala. It's...
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With 1.53 the push/pull distances on Backwash and Wakflip were fixed (thank you!) but the Tactturret's diagonals are still broken, as in it's still only pushing 1 diagonal cell at evolution level 2 and only 2 diagonal cells at evolution 3. . or am I to assume this is intentional?

It just seems off even by the logic on diagonal push distances laid out in the 1.52 update. Diagonal push is supposed to be half of the linear push distance rounded up, but this isn't what is occurring with the Tactturret....
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I would love to see the removal of "Defeat Resource Protector" from the pool of potential Daily Missions you can get, and I dare say that a large percentage of the community would be behind me on this.

It's not enjoyable in any way to be at the mercy of a random number generator for one of the resource protectors to appear, and the respawn time and limited quantities on some of the resources only makes things worse. (And don't even get me started on the bots which only complicate things further)...