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Character name: Astaria
Date and time: 7/6/2020 6:00 pm (EST)
Map: Brakmar shoemakers workshop
Server: Grandapan

Unless I'm doing something wrong I believe the recipe for the Gorithm Sandals is broken. The recipe requires 5 sets of Hogmeiser's Golden Boots, which I had along with all of the other ingredients so in the crafting interface it gave me the option to insert everything (see first screenshot) but when I clicked on the arrow to add the ingredients I get an error message and it will not let...
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Question to the developers, are you working on any sort of all caps blocker? I don't know the complexity behind the code of the game but I would think there would be a way to detect a certain amount of consecutive capital letters and either block the message from being sent entirely or instituting a silence on the person for a set amount of time (or both). The same with all the symbol spam and the like. It's just irritating WHEN YOU HAVE THE ENTIRE IN-GAME CHAT FILLED WITH OBNOXIOUS BLOCKS OF ALL-CAPS.

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I'd like to report that the recent resource update has broken one of the Frigost quest, specifically Ice Hotel. There's a custom recipe you have to craft, the Protective Mask, whose recipe includes 2 Pingwinkle Beaks, which have been removed from the game. As this is a manual recipe we can only rely on the in-game text to know what ingredients to use so the description for Protective Mask Recipe needs to be updated.

On a similar note, were any of these recipes updated at all? Not in the description...