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Are there any guilds not full of Frenchies? ^^

I'm playing on Ilyzaelle and was wondering if there are any English speaking guilds recruiting?
I'm a level 117 Sacrier and enjoying the game very much again after years of playing.

My IGN is "Marb".

Would love to hear from you guys.
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I've been playing for a few weeks now again since 5 years and started to enjoy dofus again!

Now i'm lvl 110 I'm getting trouble with leveling and gathering items for example for gear since I'm almost always playing solo on an almost fully French server. I'm dutch and only speak a little French but very good English. I like interaction with others and doing dungs/questing/exp'ing/gathering drops, but almost never have someone to do that with me.

Now if there is anyone that is able to communicate...
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I would like to know which of the css folders in screenshots is linked to the numbercount of items?
I need found what is causing it but i can't seem to find the right folder which is linked.

(i need to change the font-type from Roboto to Tahoma, i did the same for chatbox.)