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By MostwantedRogue - 2013-03-09 00:02:36 in Professions
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For anyone who crushed Satisfied Summoner Ring for the Rune, How many ring or the minimum are you crushing to get a rune?

To shorten it up
How many satisfaction ring do i need to crush to get a ga pa rune?

how many ring do i need to get ga pa rune
3 927
;D heehh its been years since i quit and just receive free p2p for 10 days haha in my mail
ill probably check around as far i know i still have a legit soft oak set lvl 150 cra and no idea why its female ;p
oh well got kick from old guild ;D
Don't blame me ;D but is it worth checking back

hmm why are the markets soo low -.-
does farmer and baker profession still helps?