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Every time I restart my computer, I have to re-activate my shield on all of my accounts and it appears as if I am also unable to log into support to send a ticket. Has anybody else experienced this problem before? If so, what was the solution?
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Today at 19:04 my xelor accessed the paddock interface and got dozens of newborn mounts which put her over the 150 limit with the mounts that were in the "breed" section. After putting a few mounts into the shed and getting to the max of 150, I got the message "[19:04] The shed is full. You can only keep a maximum of 100 mounts."

Just something minor that wasn't updated with the most recent version.
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Not entirely sure if this is a good idea or not but here goes...

Hat: Homesteader's Hat
+500-1000 pods
Bag: Great Sack of the Cultivator
+3000 pods
Ring: Peasant's Ring
+500 pods
Ring: Hired Hand's Wedding Ring
+500 pods
Belt: Laborer's Belt
+1000 pods
Boots: Plower's Clogs
+1000 pods
Amulet: Sower's Talisman
+500 pods

All parts are lvl 60 and have conditions of 2 gathering profs greater than lvl 90 and give as full set bonus +20dmg, 1500 pods, and 1ap.