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Moondew Osamodas Lvl 74 Remington
Zoldarc Sacrier Lvl 68 Remington
Seraphim The Fallen Eliotrope Lvl 68 Remington
Kali Shadowhart Eniripsa Lvl 68 Remington
Soldarc Sadida Lvl 66 Remington
Sdfidad Huppermage Lvl 6 Nox

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By Moonlightthorn - 2017-12-10 22:17:55 in Overall
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Hey its me again.. your friend neighberhood forum spammer...

Ive settled on a party that works super great for me.. Sacrier, Eliotrope and Enirispa. Havent run into trouble yet.. great heals, great damage, great map controle and great "tanking"..

Problem is that i really want to play an Osa aswell... and i find the Eni really good but quite boring and flavourless.. so im considering swiching it out for my osa... 

How much would i shoot myself in the foot healingwise by using an Osa instead of...
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Hey guys!

Im really new to the game and i would like to find an active and social guild to join. I am not looking for free handouts and i do not want to be boosted through the content as i want to enjoy all the game has to offer atleast on my first playthrough.
I started playing about three days ago and im only level 55 right now with a party consisting of; Sacrier, Eliotrope & Enirispa.

For me it is important that:
The members of the guild speak english (Or swedish, as i am from sweden hehe). 
By Moonlightthorn - 2017-12-09 05:23:15 in Eliotrope
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How does the Sublimation work? im using it and thought it would give me either more range or more move.. but seems it does neither =/