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So i was looking to buy a mimisymbic, when i noticed that one is 2400, 4 of them are 7000 ogrines, and then there's this overpriced one for 15.000 ogrines. Is it a 10 pack, or something? And if yes, why doesn't it mention it, not even when i click buy?  
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As the title is saying, i am buying these two items.
Leave your prices here, please.
Hat: Click here
Cloak: Click here
By Monkey-mess - 2012-12-18 10:25:24 in Markets of Solar
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Hey, so as the title says, i am buying any ammount of kaniger, wabbit, gobball meats. Must be category:meat(not preserved or edible).
My price is:
Kaniger meat:800k/ea(80kk/100)

Wabbit meat:300k/ea(30kk/100)

Gobball meat:100k/ea(10kk/100)

This offer won't be standing around for too long~

Bumb~ Buying once again, but no more gobball, i reached level 80 hunter now~