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Dear Ankama,

I've sent a ticket, about this yet no help. So I'm going to post it here and hopefully this gets more attention.
I have been playing dofus since 2008 and it really sucked when multi accounters took over in my opinion, once I heard that mono account servers were out I was so excited to play again after a short break. Sadly as I live in Saudi Arabia I cannot link my phone number to my account because my region is not yet supported. I and other players I'm sure have been complaining about...
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Hey guys I'm back to dofus 1.29 and plan on staying here as I'm bored of 2.0,
I was wondering if there are any english guilds that would adopt me!

Best Regards,
IGN: Mad-Moe
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Hey guys,

I'm a returning player due to dofus releasing 1.29 again!!! I'm wondering which server has more english speaking players/guilds that I could join and make friends in?
Also how bad are the servers? lots of bugs, hackers,bots, glitches? or is it still playable like how it was back in the day?