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Hello. During the game, the window "I'm not a robot" appeared on the screen. After clicking on the zone (white square), nothing happens (the white square is transformed into a rotating circle, but the game interface is still not active). After reconnection, the same window appears. I can not play. I use iPad4 (iOS 10.3.3). How to solve this problem? Thank you in advance.

Oh. What should I do for the administration of the forum to hear me. Because of the game bug, I can not play, my pets in the game...
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Hello friends. Earlier I played the PC version of the Dofus game and now decided to try Dofus Tuoch. In the PC version, my character moves around the world (not in battle) smoothly, but in the Touch version, the character moves intermittently (not smoothly, as if jumping from cell to cell). Is this a feature of the mobile version of the game or is something happening to my device? I use the iPad for the game. Thank you in advance.