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I post rarely, but when I do its normally out of curiousity. I would love if a mod could reach out and explain this one to me. Yesterday, after kolo leaderboards had been reset, I received my "Pure Crystal" title. After only a day of having the title it's now gone off my list? Why is that? Is it a bug or was it a bug to be given the title in the first place? I ended with C5 as my rank.

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I know a few of my guildies have been experiencing this issue, but Im not sure how widely affected the game population is.

Every time I open the map all the markers are there and ready to be waved over, but as soon as I move the map or even my cursor a good 50% of the map markers disappear off the map. I tried to do some digging to see if there was a bug fix already posted, but to no avail I found diddly squat. This bug isn't really destroying my game experience or anything, but would be something...