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E.g. Srams permanent invisibility
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Auction House
I’ve seen many people spam /b with offers for bidding and there are also people who love to keep an eye out for cheap deals, so why not have an auction house?
People could sell rare commodities that can’t be sold in the market, such as the Dofus and let people bid for them.
Naturally they can place a minimum bid amount and sale price so people don’t try to cheat.
Auctions can either be held straight away as a small auction on a board or booked for a certain day or time where others...
By Mitisukai - 2018-01-12 04:28:19 in Suggestion Box
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I’m loving the idea of costumes and I’d love to see more.
Here are some suggestions:

Alignment costumes
Why not give a costume to match your alignment rank?
Level 20 - Order disciple costume.
Level 40 - Order apprentice costume.
Level 60 - Order Initiate costume.
Level 80 - Order protector costume.
Level 100 - Order Master costume.

Alliance costume - Basicslly speaks for itself.

Omega costumes
Omega 100 - Golden armour costume.
Omega 200 - Wind armour costume.
Omega 300 - Fire armour costume.