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We have a discord chat where everyone from our guild post their ideas on what would Ankama could do, to make our experiences better with our stay here on Dofus.
This is the whole list. Monster ornaments that indicate whether a group agresses or not. Guild harness for mounts. A counter that shows how many times you've failed challenges Improve guild management; edit multiple character rights A WoW-like guild bank. Since pheonix statues do not serve a purpose on Shadow, why not make it so you can "Store...
By Mistersirr - 2017-05-05 14:45:30 in Iop
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Looking for some opinions out there. What is better? 10 or 12?

I am currently 163 on Echo. I have 12 AP and 6 MP. Wasn't that hard to get "Neko+Limbo wand" However I did sacrifice some stats for it. Not very much, but a sizable chunk.

It seems to me, that Iops benefit a lot from having 12 AP, as a lot of the main spells cost 4 AP, or 3 AP.

Here are some ways for myself to rationalize it.

Build 1's (12ap) Sword of Iop deals 300-350.

Build 2's (10ap) Sword of Iop deals 400-450 ( I think this is...