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What do u mean a good 2 years or more of dofus how can they just discontinue a game people payed for and worked so hard at and now your saying maybe a few years left thats just wrong. That means everything I did all the proffessions and training were just a waste of my time and everyones elses time. I think any company who would do that to the people who make there product what it is today is very low!!!!!!!!! So yes MODS please answer the question what will happen to dofus when thier new game is...
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3 dark minner WTF you have totally screwed the rail system. First you make it so it would be easier to bounce around now you cant even do that cuz everytime u take the flipping thing there are 3 dark minners waiting for you. Have you lost your minds I'm lvl 60 and cant even beat 3 alone not on that stupid map setup you guys put together and especially at the lvls they are um HELLO the higer ones hit at over 100 . If this was the fipping case you should have never put the stupid rail station in,...
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i wish i knew im having the same problem myself Id like to know when we will be able to buy them again