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By Misiacek - 2014-04-02 10:58:50 in Suggestion Box
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Hello everyone, i have very good idea to share with you today just give me a minute or ten.
So i've been thinking with guilds from around the servers. I've been doing this loooong and hard over a few years and the time has come to stop thinking and start acting and i need your help!
Over few last years (around 2 or 3) I've been on server like Solar, Shika and Zatoishawn. I've asked over and over the same question. "Is this server populated/alive/has a lot of ppl ...(etc)?" And the answer was 85%...
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My friend ha s a problem all his secret answers and his secret password has been changed, he has the email's to that account's and logins and passwords and like a 1000 friends who can prove that accounts are his.
Ankama support GM's or Admins can you help him?
I'm wrighting this for him cause he's very bad at english.