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Working on a portal hunt and it tells me to start on [2,-17] and go right to find a barrel. I go right one map, find a barrel, and try to place a marker, but I get nothing but "Marker placement failed." There aren't any markers on the map yet, as can be seen on the minimap, so a marker should be able to be placed.

Context: I followed clues until I thought I found the final map for step 3 and pressed the search button, but it was the wrong map, so it started me over again on step 3. But now I'm...
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I just got back from taking a two month break from Dofus, during which I played Wakfu exclusively. Coming back to Dofus now I continue to be struck by what I see as a fundamental problem with the design of Dofus: the fun is slowly being drained out of the PvM gameplay and replaced by "balance".

I could go on and on about each individual class change in the last update and how I think each one hurts PvM gameplay and makes it less fun, but there is little point to that because the changes are already...
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I'm not sure what has happened to damage preview but it is showing some totally inaccurate numbers. For example:

Damage preview for Eni's Forbidden Word. I sure wish I could do 2287 damage with one cast of Forbidden Word. Maybe then I wouldn't have so much trouble with these Frig 3 dungeons

Apparently my cra's burning arrow now does 2139 damage? Nerf plz