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By MildBill - 2023-03-07 19:04:31 in General Discussion
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Rant time:

Since the recent merger,  The server (I can't even remember the new name) is just a madhouse. I can't even interact on some maps because it is like a king-of-the-hill alliance gathering. I often can't interact with my mounts in the pub paddocks.

When is Ankama going to admit to themselves that merging 3 servers was too much? It's a bloody riot. The temple is insane too with of the screaming merchants thanks to the elimination of the Merchant feature.

Yes, I understand that the company...
By MildBill - 2023-03-03 23:11:46 in General Discussion
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Odd, but I find that I cannot place items in the guild chest anymore. I am an Officer in the guild and have full rights, but cannot "manage" the chest. I cannot compute why can't place items in  it as I have that right. 

I get the message:

"This type of item is not allowed in this chest." no matter what type of item I try to place in it.
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I am the main character on a 4-character account. Being Om78, I have quite a few achievements, as you can imagine. I recently started playing one of those alts and "the record" shows that this alt has all the same achievements, which is wrong. To prove it, a friend and I ran Duo Keymaster (and Belina Thumb) dungeon quests with idols. Despite the record showing that I already had these achievements (including all Duos), this alt indeed started racking them up (again?).

I am told that this is a feature...