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By MildBill - 2015-06-27 23:29:24 in Professions
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Getting alchemist to level 20 seems to require nettles to make mini-healing pots, but finding nettles is proving difficult. Sage seems to be everywhere, but you need a lot to make recall and the competition is heavy. Water, don't get me started about water! Recall is almost 10x as much to buy, which figures considering how hard it is to get the resources.

We need new guides in the wiki.

Anyone know where nettles are?
By MildBill - 2015-06-08 00:48:33 in Beta Test Server
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I heard a rumor that the Tree spell changes this update and indeed verified that a tree loses 50% HP when it returns after a doll dies, but that's all I can see so far. The devblog mentions nothing about this, but it does seem rather minor enough to omit, honestly.

Does anyone know of other changes for the Sadida?
By MildBill - 2014-11-05 15:28:01 in Professions
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While I applaud Ankama's moving the paddock gates to a side where they cannot be obstructed by characters and merchants, I cannot understand why my mounts are always gathered at the gate when I arrive to check them. Doesn't that sort of negate the idea of moving them? My own mounts are now blocking the gates!

Dumb, de dumb dumb...