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Member since 2019-04-06


Mikrell hasn't written a personalized description yet
Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-08-10


Pag-Ibig Na Nasuklian Eniripsa Lvl 121 Remington
Ramdam Mo Ba Ko Rogue Lvl 118 Remington
Nandito Naman Ako Pandawa Lvl 116 Remington
Dolgely Eniripsa Lvl 115 Remington
Ano Ba Ko Sayo Sadida Lvl 115 Remington
Pano Naman Ako Ouginak Lvl 115 Remington
Hanggang Seen Lang Huppermage Lvl 113 Remington
Wizkid Of Odd Eniripsa Lvl 111 Remington
Dollgely Ecaflip Lvl 108 Remington
Pwede Naman Ako Ah Xelor Lvl 94 Remington

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Please PM Pag-Ibig na Nasuklian or
Wizkid of Odd in-game! Feel free to PM me or leave a reply here as well.

Crobak - 3 million kamas 


2 Experience pots - 300K kamas each--------------------------------------

Revival Costume - 1 million kamas 



Added more Experience Potions to sell and also decreased their price from 300k to 200k!