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Sensanna Salviae Iop Lvl 8 Remington

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Hey guys, a returning player here, I stopped playing around Mount Zinit 2 update and I presume that the game has changed a ton since then. I have a couple of questions about my character setups and gameplay in general. I would greatly appreciate any answers you could give me!

1) Should I make any changes to my current team?
All characters are level 168
Air/Water backstab single target Masq
Air/Water healbot/air dmg Eni
Water/Earth tank Feca
Air/Water single target Elio 
Fire/Water supp/aoe Panda
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Jade Dynasty Costume Spotlight: Click here

Feel free to check my previous video with Garnet Dynasty and Water festival costumes here:
Click here

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I saw many people ranting about those costumes not being available here. I figured that I could at least alleviate some of the curiosity by posting the spotlight video which shows how do they look like in-game from different perspectives, on both male and female character models.

Check the spotlight video here (YouTube link): Click here

A few interesting things:
- Garnet Dynasty has the same model for male and female. It does look super awesome though, with the animated glowing aura around the...