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The passage of time is inevitable
Time will catch up to us all
And one day no one shall remember us
Like many others before you and me
Was their existence meaningless?
Did they even existed at all?
And once it's our turn
How many people will remember us?
Will they remember at all? And for how long?
Time will move on without us.


Mhiky Xelor Lvl 198 Efrim
Khiym Sadida Lvl 193 Efrim
Cao Peao Ouginak Lvl 184 Efrim
Micky Eniripsa Lvl 184 Efrim
Mhicky Xelor Lvl 171 Remington
Miicky Eniripsa Lvl 171 Remington
Mhicky-Unit Foggernaut Lvl 144 Remington
Mhiicky Feca Lvl 107 Remington
Mhiiky Cra Lvl 27 Remington

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By MiiiiKy - 2019-08-28 07:22:09 in Feca
7 812
Anyone that has played this game enough to get to mid to end game knows that Fecas are kinda needed and some times even a must in some team setups but only one build is meta, the Tank Support Feca while Glyphs, one of the Feca's specialties, get mostly ignored with a few exceptions where they are used only as utilities, so I have a few suggestions to make that build more viable for end game.

1) Make Glyphs not affect allies
This can be achieved by simply adding this to one of Feca's passives, one...
25 1181
So any Xelor player can tell that Hydrant and Sinistros aren't really worthy it (Maybe Sinistro for PvP but it's situational), they have very little HP which makes mobs destroy them quickly making them a bad investment of AP when you could had just attacked instead of summoning and their damage is terrible so I have a simple solution for the problem and I would like if Ankama actually done it so those could be considered into decks.

1) The damage problem is because both of these take Melee Mastery...