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Member since 2016-10-28


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Last login: 2019-06-18


Mhiky Xelor Lvl 198 Efrim
Khiym Sadida Lvl 193 Efrim
Cao Peao Ouginak Lvl 184 Efrim
Micky Eniripsa Lvl 184 Efrim
Mhicky Xelor Lvl 129 Remington
Miicky Eniripsa Lvl 129 Remington
Mhiiky Iop Lvl 129 Remington
Mhiky Ouginak Lvl 6 Remington

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 This was not done in spite of the developer or Ankama as a company itself, this is merely my stance on how things are going while I opt some solutions to this thing I perceived to be a problem!!

 With that disclaimer out of the way, let me say that I really enjoy this game, enjoy it so much I got into a real life marriage because of it so I'm quite bias when it comes to praise but that doesn't change the fact that some things about how Ankama manages this game displease me and I'm...
By MiiiiKy - 2018-12-13 14:21:24 in General Discussions
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So.. I dunno what you guys timezones are but this hotfix hit me in the early afternoon and it's already night time here and I could barely play today because some players had some issues after the hotfix and now we got a hotfix for the hotfix.. I literally logged in after the hotfix was done, went take a bath and when I came back the first thing I saw in my screen was "server is shutting down in 10 minutes".. My question is, are we getting a compensation for this long updating time?

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