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By MightyKrang - 2014-11-29 17:48:15 in Sadida
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I've been playing Sadida since the beginning of this game. At times it has taken the back burner as I show interest in other classes, yet after this revamp I'm led to believe that the Sadida is a pretty balanced class.

The characteristic point distribution revamp, and secondary "damages":
With the revamp of the characteristic points and inclusion of these new secondary damages I think the Sadida was buffed very well. Not only can we now reach around 6,000 hp, our dolls can also reach over 1,000...
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I love these lil' buggers. Coney has been my partner in crime and i am deeply saddened due to the fact that we cannot summon more than one. Ecaflips can summon multiple bow meows so why cant eniripsas? my suggestion is as follows. Coneys should be be able to be summoned based on control and should have a 2ap 1wp cost with the catch being that you can gain back the wp spent when the coneys die based on the level of your triad mark. so a lv 50 triad mark would give you a 50% chance to gain a wp back...
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So I was just wondering what mounts do you want or expect to see implemented into Wakfu?

I personally would really love to ride a giant Kralove or Kralamore. How about you?