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Mieyon Sacrier Lvl 201 Remington
Enije Eliotrope Lvl 201 Remington
Ahin Eniripsa Lvl 201 Remington
Aquu Yeji Pandawa Lvl 160 Remington
Sieyon Iop Lvl 6 Remington

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By Mieyeon - 2020-07-07 20:30:15 in 1.68 Bug Reports
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Every time using peace armor and aegis feca's lock always goes up and never decreases. Tested with tofus and they still were able to dodge with 4k lock
12 432
I was playing this morning a bit before maintenance and i had a friendrake and boowolf petmout equiped. Logged in just few minutes ago and notice that my pet and petmount just disappeared.

edit: Relog to fix the issue. Pls lock.
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When Version 1.68 is released, characters will keep the same level and the same experience percentage at their current level. (NOT the total xp gained) For example, if your character was at level 190 with 35% experience in 1.67, they will be at level 190 with 35% experience in 1.68.

Reduction of the needed XP to go from level 100 to 200 = 38%: from level 100, you level up to level 200 about 1.85 times faster.

Idk how about you guys but i feel scammed with this one and most people dont understand...