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Good afternoon. My name is Midnight-Sparkle.


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The issue with players actions being slower has been resolved, but now companions attack slow yet again. I am assuming there was no easy solution so they just reverted the companion update. 

I do hope we get the update again once Ankama finds a solution that doesn't impact the players characters.
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Instead of a message appearing in the chat box announcing maintenance, especially unannounced maintenance... A box should appear where it says a timer and that it's "server maint/reset" text. A game I used to play, Runescape, had this feature and it appeared in a spot where it wouldn't bother you. It just made it very clear when a maintenance was going to occur and you could time things well due to this. 

Mostly suggesting because this is the 3rd unscheduled maintenance where I didn't know what...
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This weeks patch introduced a change to companions, where their attacks will go through faster and you do not need to wait for the whole animation to play before it casts again and walks again (visually).

Feels great using companions such as the Riktus Enchantress, who has very long animations so it was a pain to use her without using creature mode. Now I feel like I don't have to play in creature mode due to this change, which is great! I definitely do not think playing in creature mode should...