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By Michael-Z - 2016-02-08 14:29:20 in Overall
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Hi! I need help. I am a returning player! I stopped for a couple of years and I bet many aspects of the games has change or upgraded. I saw 2 new classes. Anyhow, I need help! Can you guys suggest a good PVE class? Suggest anything but Iop. I used iop the last time I played the game so I want to use something different. I need a class with a good dmg output with a bit of combinations and complexity in it. Suggest also a duo class for it. Im plannign to use 2 chars at the same time. Sooo. there! Thanks...
By Michael-Z - 2014-04-22 17:20:47 in Overall
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Hello guys! I'm from the asia server. I'm here because no one cares on the asia's forum threads. I'm just new to the game. I made the account couple of months ago. I just wondering if you could advice me or suggest me a certain class to start? I am new to the game and I DON'T HAVE ANY FRIENDS playing this game. So I am a one man army. Hahaha! So, like i have said, I am loner in this game so if you could please suggest me a class that can solo grind or what? I know that in a certain time, I can find...