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By Mexalthema - 2014-07-25 02:47:14 in General Discussions
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"Drago-Express and Phoenix: Following the addition of the mounts and in order to enhance the interest, many Drago-Express locations will be changed or added or deleted. However, our goal remains to still centralize the means of transport (Drago-Express, Zaaps, etc.) as much as possible to the “Key” locations of the game. These changes will not affect the Nations at the moment."

yet the drago-turkeys at Swords crossing are gone. Which is to bad because we are a development guild that helps new...
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So i put in a ticket five days ago. Was over charged six days ago. Told if I reverse the bank charges they will peraband my account. This is total bs. My bank requires me to contest charges with in five days. Troyle nor Sabi have gotten back to me since i emailed them about this. What should take there billing team five days to work out. If were don't pay our subscription they remove services that day if they over charge..... they will get back to us about it at there convenience?
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So when I was patching the game originally it would patch but then on installations would freeze at 78% and say that it couldn't complete because there was another instance of it operating in the back ground. So retried three times. After that I deleted Wakfu and re-down loaded it froze at 62% with out even completing the download it just would hang up. I thought it was a connection issue so I left it running for an hour no change. Deleted that version and down loaded it again now I'm stuck at 52%...