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... What are you even doing here?

This is my profile, nothing to see here but Boba and paints, or some other thing that is obscure for some reason.

I love wakfu.

Know this one thing, and you're gouda, mate.
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Where to be: Nox.

Where to go: Brutas's Tavern in Astrub~

When: 2pm PST Feb. 8th

"...Why?" : <3 Just find out!
Just stop by if you're bored. :y
By Mewfoxgirl - 2017-07-04 05:21:17 in Off Topic
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So... just wanting to say... I'm really happy about how this turned out. I may not specialize in music, but I'm proud of this little piece, dangit! >: (

So if you happened to stumble upon this thread and gave it a listen, I'd love to hear what you think of it~
By Mewfoxgirl - 2017-03-07 03:04:01 in Off Topic
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So... Don't worry too much about this thread, I'm basically venting an annoying feeling that just keeps popping up...

Cutting to the chase, I feel like I can't really 'love' someone . v.

What does this mean, other than sounding like an emo rant post? :v Well, it just means that I don't feel good when I'm with someone... only when I can crush on someone.

There's just something about liking someone, and them not knowing about it... and just being themselves all the dang time : / Being your friend,...