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By Methampetamine - 2015-09-16 05:22:20 in Rushu
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Compared to most of you guys, I am totally new and inexperienced. I've been playing in Rosal for a bit over of 2 or 3 weeks now. I think I may possibly create a new character here in Rushu since the talk about people, economy and activity may be livelier. In Rosal, I only have a couple of friends I could actually talk to, Arctic and Zeth.
(Arctic's really cool, he's like my mentor.)

So if ever I would play here, are there any guilds open to adopt a newbie ( but hardworking though) , like me? Preferably...
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Well, I've been trying to figure stuff out ingame by reading some guides but sadly they are outdated. Like today, I was in the impression that baker and farmer was different professions. Now I've no where to refer to in leveling profession guides. Tried reading some posts too, but almost all of it are non-specific whether it is a guide for f2p or p2p. I've been trying to subscribe but unfortunately, payment methods aren't available in my region as per the reply I got from support tech.

That said...

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Started playing 2days ago, twas fun, until I got the quest "Devotion" that requires me to subscribe. Isn't there any way around it? Btw, I'm from the Phil, and subscribing is an option for me but the payment method hassles me, I tried asking in the payment section of this forum but no reply yet.

And oh, I'm level 20 right now, rosal server i think? I'm trying to level up tailor or any other profession, if you guys have any spare resources, lemme have em. hehehehe. Thanks!