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The Kolossium between levels 60-160 is full of people playing on their second, third or fourth characters who all gain multiple millions of xp per victory. Most if not all of these people want to keep their characters at their current level and so put 90% xp to both mount and guild to only gain 40000-80000 xp per win instead of 4-8million. There are two problems with this system though:

1. It means we cannot use pets. I wanted to use an agility/pushback pet on my level 140 Foggernaut but with it...
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Moving my mouse over them does not make the names go away and it obscures the squares near them, especially annoying on an eliotrope (for instance, there is a feca whose name is covered by their eni). Tried going out of creature mode, relogging etc.
By Merked - 2019-03-29 13:43:24 in Welcome to the Incarnam Inn
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