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TBH, Riddling sucks in comparison to most of the others.
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If you have below 50% win rate, your opinion is probably bad as well. The game is incredibly infested with baddies at low ranks, that a much higher than 50% win rate is possible for any competent new player. But...You're one of the baddies. No offense....but get good.
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Conquest of Champions is much, much worse. Cards have stats that are higher, odd, random numbers, which always makes math hard. AND you have many more creatures out at once. AND you can move both horizontally and vertically. AND the board is much bigger. AND you are protecting 2 stationary things that can be surrounded, and 1 thing that moves. It gives, I believe, 2.5 minute turns, and it's often not enough to think and then act. When I played it people always raged that turn timers were too quick....