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As the title states. The game supports a single player type environment through Hero system. So why not let us play 6 Heroes for $60? It would be a 365 day sub.

I think that would be more appropriate than beating around the bush.

Most people currently run 2 accounts at $30/month.

Why not just streamline it? $60/year with 6 heroes. Then we can truly create our perfect strategic parties to challenge Nogord and whatever.
By Melonnissise - 2020-01-22 17:48:31 in Suggestions
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Locks your account as a mono account (cannot use heroes)
Gives you +100% more final damage and final(?) resists.
Bonus kamas at end of fights
+2AP, +2mp, +1WP
*Values are theoretical, up to devs how much final damage/final resists is good enough to justify $15

This game badly needs to return to a state of promoting the need to work together. Being able to play 1 character opens up roleplaying a bit more. A Legend character like this would be able to fill any role (except maybe healer). Ultimately...
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They said the next class they're reworking is Rogue but what about the second class? Which class do you think or want to see along with Rogue?

Also, do you think they can afford to rework only 1 class at a time again? With how dismal Wakfu is doing? I realize the next update is good, but one good deed doesn't clear 100 bad deeds.