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They said the next class they're reworking is Rogue but what about the second class? Which class do you think or want to see along with Rogue?

Also, do you think they can afford to rework only 1 class at a time again? With how dismal Wakfu is doing? I realize the next update is good, but one good deed doesn't clear 100 bad deeds.
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That's what it sounds like to me, Wakfu might be on the verge of doing what other mmorpgs have done which is basically release an expansion to the game (but without charging players). This would advance the game from 5 years before season 1 of the Wakfu series to maybe at the start of season 1? This is from that Nindash news they posted recently
[Flatops]|2018-03-25 21:02:00Hi RoboTrigger,

You might have missed this info. It's coming!

WAKFU the massively multiplayer online game on PC will receive...
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I want to know, since this seems a subject everyone brings up in the Ankama news section
"If only they'd focus on the bugs"

To this I ask, what bugs? What bugs are keeping you from playing Wakfu?