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Very direct suggestions here, just Quality Of Life(QOL) stuff that would involve some additions to the User Interface(UI).

First QOL suggestion;
When sorting from the drop-down list of categories from your Inventory- it would be nice to have Weapon and Incarnation option added to the list. This way a player could chose to see every weapon they have in one spot. And if a player wanted to only see the Incarnation equipment that they possess it would also be available to view in one selection.

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This is different enough from Foresteriada's thread that I figured to make a new thread out of this.

I think it would work nicely if players could set which aura they want to display in the same section as the Title/Ornament menu.
They should be obtained through the Achievement System rather than being an emote obtained simply by reaching level 100 or 200, .
It would be nice to have more aura's available to players, and this is definitely an area that the developers could expand on.

Players will...
By MegaOrange - 2014-06-05 20:57:52 in Suggestion Box
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Xelor changesIntroduction;These changes are fan-made. They're presented as if they're actual changes rather than "what if?" to help invoke players to think about the changes these would make.This introductory is a verification that these changes aren't official or guaranteed, and that I am in no way affiliated with Ankama.
The changes modify the current spells. Effects will remain the same unless it is noted that they no longer have those effects. Same applies for damage and limits(cooldowns, casts...