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Hello everyone.

I'm more than sure that there have been such posts and discussions.
But still, I would like to offer old school Dofus 1.29 as an option (no I'm not speaking about latin unsupported servers), but actually working and supported version of it.
As stupid as it might sound, I think it would bring in tons of old players. I don't think that permanent server would be needed at first, but seasonal might work, for example, 3-6 months. To see, how people react and how they feel about this.
By Mcf-Siipols - 2019-01-12 18:38:42 in Guilds
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Hello everyone,

Since, Oto-Mustam is mostly French populated, it's hard to find english speaking players.
Me and my friend have created new guild called "Offline" , we made it yesterday and are willing to search for new mates with whom to play.
If you are interested, PM Duuzis or Jimmythefishy , and we'll sort it out.
We've bought couple of houses and paddocks for easier movement around world of twelve. (Sadly, but we have to wait two months for them to be added to guild, Dofus rules :/)

By Mcf-Siipols - 2017-12-15 08:08:45 in Problems and solutions
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Hey, guys and girls, ofcourse!
I’m having an issue with Dofus lagging.
First of all, I can't And won't say that I know much about PC.
So, in my opinion my PC isnt the worst(not the best either) , but I can't run 8 acc without hard laggs, even on the lowest settings...
It’s portable pc and here’s the specs :
Acer Aspire  VN7-571G
I7-5500U CPU @2.40GHz 8GB of RAM
GeForce GTX 950M 4GB

My guess is that it’s due to Dofus not running on my main graphic card, but on integrated one. But still,...