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AER-Tastere Pandawa Lvl 6 Pandora
Ini-Treresu Iop Lvl 1 Pandora
Lemeva Pandawa Lvl 1 Rubilax

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This build is a 4dramentalist version of infinite HoF huppermage ( the chose of 3 elemnt improve the stats but i wanted to play with a new style without losing efficience). 

obviously, i made a 200 boost on each masteries simulating the poorest steal of damage we can afford in this kind of build. Its really eazy to get 300/400 steal of masteries to boost but i prefered to show the build without putting the max buffs enable.

The +122 masterie is a simulation of epic rune wich convert 50%...
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Yo !

I was just asking if iop cansustain enough using defensiv position and using air spell+ 4ap of earth ones??

The sustain beinf of 50% is was wondering if on pvp it would allow me to sustain enough ( 3cd turn) especialy on heavu res advrsaries. 0_o

Thx by advance :  ))))
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Salam; Shalom; Peace ( and srry by advance for my poor english)

I come to u because i had some questions about the drheller form of enutrof.

I d like to play it as tanker mode but i was wondering about few things.

1-Can we use weapon on the drhell form?

2- The activ spell wich kick 2mp (3 mp with passiv) on drhell form is it limited to 3 range?

3- When u pouch an opponent for the damge buff from passiv. Is that 2 turn CD ability on same oppponent?

4-Sismik earth spell is suposed to TP but...