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As of recently there were no problems, I could login/play normally. Then I started Dofus today after a ~month of break...

The Updater requested WINE (the Windows compatibility layer for Linux) to be installed all of sudden.
Ok, I installed WINE.

Now 1 run out of 2 I get the WINE alert "Adobe AIR":"Initial content could not be found for this application. Try re-installing or contacting the publisher for assistance".
That does not prevent game from starting o.O

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As of recently I start getting redirected to Russian Dofus community website on trying to get to International community website. Luckily, I still can go to this forum. Is there anywhere an option to turn that redirect off?
By MbIP - 2011-10-16 23:48:30 in General Discussion
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I kind of missed that stuff along the way, could you tell me please how the story of AP/MP limiting ended up?

12AP/6MP at max?
What about unnaturally maged items? Was the total bonus handicapped by +1AP +1MP?

Thanks in advance.