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At the beggining i wanna say Sorry because im pretty sure topic was already made, well back to my question------>
I use to play Dofus 1.29 and i had 5 chars on my account, now i've changed to dofus 2.0 and i made another char on new server. So when Servers will go online on dofus 2.0 ill have 6 chars in total on 3 diffrent servers, so my first question is will i get to keep em all so i dont have to delete any ?

And my second question is-------> I could delete my chars but i can't remeber...
By Mazaraust - 2009-11-09 23:43:47 in Beta Test Server
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I have seen many people complaining about Dofus 2.0, so I've decided to make a Poll either if it should come out or not.... please leave your opinion as well.....