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MaxyElectroxYT's Ankama Profile

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Member since 2016-01-09


MaxyElectroxYT hasn't written a personalized description yet
Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-09-21


Wakai Eliotrope Lvl 192 Elbor
Adriana Sunset Sadida Lvl 185 Elbor
Maxy Sensei Iop Lvl 182 Elbor
Maxy El Legendario Sacrier Lvl 163 Elbor
Jennifer Ro Cra Lvl 148 Elbor
Cynthia Poisoned Heart Sram Lvl 140 Elbor
Kaipo Fu Pandawa Lvl 132 Elbor
Maxy El Sanguinario Foggernaut Lvl 126 Elbor
Maxy El Maxilubo Ouginak Lvl 122 Elbor
Emily Cotton Candy Eniripsa Lvl 74 Elbor
Yokaru Ecaflip Lvl 68 Elbor
Wakai Eliotrope Lvl 32 Remington
Maxy El Maxilubo Sacrier Lvl 17 Remington
Maxy Der Führer Sacrier Lvl 9 Remington
Adriana Amatista Sram Lvl 6 Remington