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I've been offered by a few people (guildies mostly) to buy them a P2P account. Now, I have no problem putting down a few real world bucks for a good guild member who has no way of becoming P2P due to what ever restrictions they have. But, is this a moral thing to do? Everyone (Guilded or not) who asked if I could help them out said they would repay me in items or kamas.

So it boils down to; Is trading real world money (via buying a subscription for someone) for in-game kamas a bad or immoral thing?...
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UPDATE!!: Check out our new website!!

Greeting Solar! I'm Mavelrick, Guild Master of "Dark Oblivion"! Our guild is filled with now and always will be filled with high class, mature, respectable players. We do NOT accept immature, childish players. All our members conduct themselves like adults.

Our goal is to be a guild any player (a member or not) will respect and trust. The Dark Oblivion name will represent the best and highest class of respectable players in the world...