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Matty Ragez Cra Lvl 209 Rubilax
Magi Mat Eniripsa Lvl 208 Rubilax
Mattios Eliotrope Lvl 208 Rubilax
Haemophobia Sacrier Lvl 197 Rubilax
Merty Ravegez Xelor Lvl 196 Rubilax
Shado Mert Sram Lvl 196 Rubilax
Minted Sessle Enutrof Lvl 107 Rubilax
Mecha Mert Foggernaut Lvl 66 Rubilax

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By Matty-Ragez - 2016-06-15 11:12:42 in Osamodas
8 2280
Just wondering if anyone thinks Gobgob could be a viable summon to use and what build could he be used in.
At the moment he's broken so not viable at all but when they get round to fix him he'll get his needed ap bonus. However all he can do is heal, he has a few spells but all they do is heal in a different way along with the fact you can't have another summon out nor go into dragon form points to the fact that you'd have to be a full support Osa with a dedicated healer (which I wouldn't mind trying...
By Matty-Ragez - 2016-01-17 14:34:20 in Rogue
5 1686
Hi all,

I (sort of) play a earth/air Rogue level 170 which is badly geared/not really geared at all and I was wondering what gear would be recommended for me to use on him. I guess gear with initiative would help but also what epic's and relics?.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

(also please recommend a pet too if possible)