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Veinzilk Feca Lvl 158 Rubilax
Masked Hero Thunder Masqueraider Lvl 123 Rubilax
Rosebed Cra Lvl 123 Rubilax
Thunder-Megazord Masqueraider Lvl 84 Rubilax
Woof-Doggo Ouginak Lvl 1 Rubilax

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Are you a genius or what? Your first idea sounds so simple but it's incredible.
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I wholeheartedly agree with that.
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I agree with your first point. Although doll sadida - including Voodoll usage - is fine on the pvp scenario; It's not hard to notice that the class is not very competitive on pve (look at dungeon rankings).

But instead I would like more passives complementing Lone Sadida's play style in general. However; I wouldn't complain if a passive greatly increasing the dolls %HP (since even with the Doll Link passive they are pretty fragile and die quickly) with the simple catch that it would reduce the Sadida's...