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I know that after few fights in the same map/room droprate goes down a lot, but I have few questions about about it.

1. When you die(for example in a boss room) does droprate go down for next fights like when you finish fight normally?
2. How much time must pass for droprate to reset? From my experience 24 hours after last fight done on this map/room, but I need to make sure.
3. Is this system really necessary? I think it was measure against bots, but that didn't stop them at all. I know that only...
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I got a question about lowering droprate when fighting on the same map several times. I know it was aimed at bots, but it seems like it didn't work. As I'm myself "farmer" doing tens of fights on the same area it hit me really hard that after about 10 fights droprate goes down that much I can't even drop items with pretty good base droprate( even with challenge, and 400-500pp characters). While bots are still having fun (on p2p area) I'm having problems having fun playing this game. Going...
By MasterStick - 2013-02-12 12:45:13 in General Discussion
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Weeks of farming Dragon Pigs just to see this
(It seems I cant post pictures so here is link)

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That is why it should be allowed to attack/defend percs on how many accounts you want.