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Group Kolosseum has always been dominated by people trying to earn a quick buck, but lately it has been very bad. In my humble opinion it all boils down to the usage of class items in kolo. Lately I have running into a lot of panda/cra/enu, panda/cra/feca, or iop/enu/panda teams. These teams abuse class items to oneshot someone t1 so the fight is immediately over. This of course, discourages good gameplay and it really is not fun to play against. It is also very hard to come back in the fight even...
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Hello all and welcome to the final Echo Wednesday Scuffle on this season organized by Nomaj (ShiningDarkness#2231), Xubatihetwo (Master-Man#2942), Minonji#1674 (Minonji) and Sjenko (Zooropa#9212). Due to some people trying to find loopholes in the banning system we have decided to alter the rules a little bit. We will test this system this tournament if and everyone likes it we may consider keeping it. This time certain spells on certain classes have been banned in order to prevent people from putting...
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Welcome back to the fourth edition of EWS. We took a small break for Christmas but we are back now, we hope everyone had a wonderful time with their families and enjoyed this special time of the year. That being said, the fourth tournament will start on 5/1/2022 our first tournament in the new year and the penultimate tournament of our first season. Unfortunately we were not able to play our 4v4 tournament due to lack of players so we hope we can get enough teams in this time. Please join our discord...